Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Yet another trip and I'm hitting the road.

Yet another week and I'm again hitting the road, and here I am at the island which has loads of good food, good air, and terrible traffic >.< I was suppose to leave at 7am this morning, however my colleague came late so we took off a little later, well an hour later to be exact. I was so tired to drive as I have kinda had a long hour drive the day before arriving at KL at night. So this morning I took it kinda slow, cruising at 130-140km/h. Took me about 4 hours on the dot upon arriving to Penang and another 30 mins to find my way to Naza Hotel.

Upon arriving, we quickly settled our baggage and checked in to our room. Met the IT guy here for lunch at their coffee house and then off to work. Trust me the food here, SUCKS! I've never tasted such bad food in Penang before. This has gotta be the worst! I didn't really have a choice since we're really hungry, we just took a quick bite then we went to do our work in which we are suppose to do here.

Finished our task and we went off to another hotel, Berjaya hotel...
Did some stuff there and meeting some people there and the hotel manager. Sort that out and we're off downstairs to midland plaza to grab some DVDs hahaha it's really up for grabs and the price is really cheap! :p

We had dinner then at the other end of the island. Wanted to have chinese hawker food but according to our dumb law in the company, we need to have dinner in which there's a receipt so we can claim for our meal. =.=" so we ended up at Kayu Nasi Kandar haha. one of the places in which I could think of with receipt included :p

Now I'm here sitting back at the hotel room, resting while waiting for my colleague to be done with shower so I can get one myself.

Ok he's done...I think. Gotta go. ciao~

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