Tuesday, December 12, 2006

BIG dinner...

Last Friday, my colleagues and I had this craving to try out the Alaskan Spider Crab... Seems like this 1 crab alone can be made into 4 dishes, enough to feed 10 people...so yea, you can guess how curious we could get...
After work we went to this nearby restaurant called the seafood paradise at Conlay Club. Looks like a high class restaurant thought and we all dress up like normal casual wear... I mean who cares? We have the money, We're hungry, We'll just go eat!
First, we chose which crab to take for dinner from this big ass aquarium. We spotted one that is about 2.5kg. Do bear in mind, the crab costs RM19.80 per 100gram... so the crab alone of 2.5kg costed us RM549.50 hahaha, tell me I'm crazy...

Please ignore the guy. He's just too suprised seeing something so huge in his entire life...
We also ordered some extra dishes as fail safe plan in case the crab does not fill us up good enough. so we had chicken, tofu and green bean.
As we patiently waited for the food to cook, well you guys can see how tiringly hungry I was. (not to mention I was on fever that day)

Finally the crab came in four different dishes!! yay, time to wack it up!!

This is just the legs and the knucles...

Then they used the shell to make steamed eggs.

Lower part of the legs are used for BBQ purposes.
Check the MEAT on just the LEGS... our normal grabs cant even get close to this amount of meat!
Then here's rest of the meat... I feel a little wasted and conned but then again, I don't care! I was sick and hungry! haha
Then the rest of the side orders came in as well..
At the end, the whole deal cost us RM777.89...there's like 8 of us so each had to fork out RM97. A little too costly but hey, it may only be a one time experience. Anyone who wanna know mroe about this place could drop me a note with your email address and I'll show you where it is.


ah boh said...

wahhh! what big crabs i see,
orangey and fleshy,
its as tasty as can be,
why didn't u invite me??

hehe... just kidding,
i'm busy working,
i'm busy saving,
i can't eat like a king... yet!

Calv said...

slowla your time will come i hope
go ask james to bring u...muahaha