Friday, October 20, 2006

To Tree or NOT To Tree

I understand that there's many weird happenings occur everyday all around the world, but I think this is by far the best for me for today:

I was having lunch with my colleagues today as usual but all of a sudden we broke into a topic of Tea and Coffee. One of my colleague was talking about tea leaf on how they process and how dirty it is and so on, then another colleague was talking about how they process Cocoa Tree by stepping on them. That makes it more dirty.

Then we started saying to a colleague that she drinks a lot of coffee that means it's dirty. (Well, coffee bean is made from cocoa and cocoa is processed by using bare feet to step on it). So this colleague of mine was asking, "I drink coffee only mah, not cocoa also, why dirty?"

We were like....

"You didn't know coffee bean comes from cocoa???!!!"
Well initially she explained that she had this idea of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafe. Since Tea leaf comes from Tea tree, there's no doubt that coffee bean comes from coffee tree!!

Obviously we started laughing at her so hard that even my stomach hurts. and she was like, "You mean to tell me all these 29 years of my life I have been thinking there's such a thing as coffee tree and now....". And this was how she looked after we laughed at her...

In just 1 lunch, her world of her imagination crushed right before her. And the best part is she just send an email to all of us when we reached office stating that she still could not accept the fact!

This clearly shows us that we are quite often living under our own fantasy. It's fun to see what other people's fantasies are like; just like this colleague of mine.

But apart from these jokes, here's a shocker. Coffee bean comes from coffee seeds that comes from coffee plant!. complimentary from

Coffee bean
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coffee bean is the seed of the coffee plant. It is the stone inside the red
or purple fruit of the coffee plant. The fruits, coffee cherries or coffee
berries, contain most commonly two stones lying with their flat sides together.
The coffee beans consists of mostly endosperm which contains 0.8 -
2.5 % caffeine, a main reason for
cultivating the plants. Coffee beans are an important export product for some

So now, we got something to think about...hmmm... Coffee from cocoa?? or is this another conspiracy theory in Malaysia? hmm... nah, i'm just playin.


Effy said...

just two days ago, irene told me about coffee. wah so ngam one our topic. hehe.

Little P (oo) said...

dunno who laf at me until stomach pain... and said got horlick tree also leh....

Little P (oo) said...

dunno perli and said got horlick tree also

Calv said...

ya la ya la. haha well at least i'm bold enough to admit my findings in my blog right? :p

poohbear said...

cute doggie!!!!