Monday, October 23, 2006

Life is like an APE sometimes doesn't it?

Recently as you guys know I was in Hong Kong working on some project. While there I kinda started to grow on a liking to a certain brand. And do you guys wanna know what brand is it? Look at the picture, then you'll figure this out...

Yes it is known as *Bape* or A Bathing Ape. It was inspired from the Planet of the Apes and this funky guy in Japan started making up these logos and got it kick started in Japan then now, Global. Whoah, not an easy task but this guy did it. 3 Cheers to him! Yay! Well my personal review, I think the quality of the clothes is not that bad. the designs are cool and some what cool. Material used are fully cotton and and it's cooling to wear.

OK, let me start with the shop itself, have you ever tried going to a certain boutique and end up lining up about almost an hour just to get yourself in? Well this is the one. I must say it's really not very fun as when I was there it was summer, waiting outside the humid weather definitely puts down the mood. But when I got in, it made the whole waiting sequence worthwhile.

This is the Bape store during construction. Wa Lao! construction also do until so fancy, Need meh? Looks really prestigious though.

This picture shows the opening of this Bape store in Hong Kong, People started lining up since nigh to wait till morning to get their hands on these clothes. Wow these kind of business I wanna do it as well, but unfortunately it's really difficult; so I guess I'll pass...

This is how it looks like from the entrance of the boutique. Cool huh? the fancy lightings... But waot till you see inside. It's a shocker! I'm not a shopping fanetic but this is by far the most advance, cool looking boutique I've ever been in. The staff there are very helpful as well, sometimes too helpful to the extend I feel a little weird when I go in. Let's see the design from indside...

Cool huh? The interior's so fine, so futuristic. oh yea and it's damn expensive too. Well let's see, I got a Tshirt for HK$499 which is like RM246 and a jeans for like HK$1959 which is about RM960+. But here's the problem, there's something about the boutique that just makes you come back for more. I know I did. :) So in a way, I'm glad I'm back in KL as if I were to stay there any longer, I would buy the whole shop up! hahaha

And that's me wearing one of those t-shirts...Cheers~

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