Friday, December 03, 2010

Something's Definitely Not Right

Hmmm.. where should I start? I've been pretty busy lately both in my job as well as running my small time business. So much to do and yet so little time for myself. It's like almost everyday I have something to work on. I barely got any time for myself just to relax and kick back to take a breather. Not to mention that recently I had to run around to get this or get that done for my loan to be approved.

Loan for what you may ask. I won't be telling until it goes through. Don't wanna jinx it if you know what I mean :p

I get irritated easily these days too. Somehow my tolerance level towards people is deteriorating and I seem to get agitated easily. I'm in somehow a mess right now and can't seem to think straight at the moment.

This feeling is somewhat familiar with one of my previous relationship back then. I get so pissed off when she was so reluctant to get things going or not to procrastinate. I'm not saying that there's someone at the moment who is doing this to me. I'm saying that the feeling of irritation is something like that back then >.<

I can't seem to pinpoint where the irritation comes from however all I can is feel the irritation being there. Maybe I should search deeper to see where it falls back to, or maybe I just need to chill and rest up. Which is which I wonder?

Never mind, for now I'll just observe and not fall into any quick judgment or decisions. I'll just let time prove itself again :p whether do I have the time for this to happen...hmmm

Clock's ticking, tick tock tick tock...

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