Friday, January 16, 2009

Something to Look Forward To

It's been so long I've ever got the time to blog about anything at all. Work had been really piling up on me literally till the extent I could no longer have much time to do anything else but crash at home later day of the evening to take my own personal time to do practically nothing at all. I don't even have much time to play the games that I would usually play... how sad such kind of life is huh?

Since I took over P Project from a colleague who had resigned, I've been getting phone calls ever more frequent compared to my daily life. Heck I even might get more phone calls coming in to me than I would normally received for a month! Just like yesterday, Just on incoming calls only I had like 81 calls already excluding the calls I have to make for this P Project.

So as you might be able to imagine, my life is basically havoc right now. I'm so nervous to the extent of even having to force myself to check office emails from time to time from home; just to make sure there's if there's any urgent mails that require my attention, I'll be able to attend to it.

Teluk Batik Beach - Sitiawan

Oh don't let me bore you with my work and all. I am finally going to take a short weekend trip back to Sitiawan with a few friends of mine. Finally, the sea side, the sea food, the slower pace of life... God I'd give anything to have such life. comfortable and everything is so easy going. No doubt in order to experience such kind of life, one must not be too greedy on the incomes one would be getting living in such remote places.

But of course, life style there would be way much cheaper as well compared to our hectic city life. Like there's an old saying, There's a price to pay to every choice we make.

We are going to enjoy this weekend with the scent of sea breeze over the atmosphere, sitting by the beach while the gentle waves sweeps across your leg, the sea breeze running through your hair and letting yourself soak in the warmth of what the sun could provide.

Ah...the life... I can't wait to go back there and take some nice pictures as well as enjoy a full load of seafood :p

Till then, will report more when I get something out of it

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